June 19, 2024 Lunch Recap

Our June luncheon was a special treat with special guest speaker Katherine S. Hyatt, LMHC, RYT, Owner, Therapist, Clinical Director, Yoga Teacher at Branches of Growth Mental Health Counseling and Yoga Studio. Katherine brought us an interactive presentation that brought us on a journey from learning the basics of stress to tips and tricks you can do to manage stress. When stress is mounting at work, Katherine provided breathing and visual techniques to bring some relief. Thank you Katherine for providing such practical help with handling Stress, something we all experiences to some degree.
Congratulations Katherine on your new book Mindful Maddie! In this heartwarming tale, Maddie invites readers to join her in exploring the transformative power of mindfulness, discovering that it’s not about having a mind full of stuff, but rather, a heart full of presence.
You can purchase this at Amazon & Barnes and Noble.
If you would like to have Katherine and her team at Branches bring employee wellness classes, presentations, or critical incident response services to your business, contact them today.
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N Syracuse, NY 13212
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