January 17, 2024 Lunch Recap

Thank you Terri Wall from T. L. Wall Accounting & Tax Corp for speaking at our January Luncheon. 👏 Understanding bookkeeping and taxes, whether for business or personal can a time-consuming and complicated process. Thank you for your presentation on a very complex topic, that along with the Q&A time made it all very easy to understand.

T. L. Wall Accounting and Tax Corp offers accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to corporations, businesses and individuals in the Syracuse area and throughout the 5-county central New York area.

What helps make this company special is that the owner, Terri Wall, runs a small business, as well as has a home and family to maintain, and thus understands and caters to the unique needs of every person. Her staff is experienced as well and work with her to not only help with all accounting functions for their clients, but helps educate them on better financial practices for their businesses.

Accountants aren’t only good for businesses though. Many people have problems learning how to budget their income, and sometimes they even need help paying their bills. T. L. Wall Accounting and Tax Corp can help you learn how to budget your money so that you can feel more at ease with your finances, offering one-on-one training and consulting in Quickbooks, or actually take over paying the bills; with your money of course.

T. L. Wall Accounting and Tax Corp can offer specialized services that extend beyond pure bookkeeping and accounting functions. With years of tax and accounting experience as well as very qualified staff, T. L. Wall Accounting and Tax Corp provides clients with the best of both worlds – – extensive knowledge and a personal relationship with services tailored to meet your needs.

Handling personal, corporate, partnerships and non-profit accounts year round, T. L. Wall Accounting and Tax Corp can address all of your needs.